Whatever your starting point, home studio, garage rehearsal space or world class recording facility we will move your project forward.

Online mixing rates are
Independent/limited release $150 CAD per/song
Commercial/corporate release $300 CAD per/song
Time based $75 per/stereo minute.

Audio Examples


from the AndersonBurko album Enjoy The Show (2009)

“My Way Back To You”

“It’s Hard”

demo singles by Amanda Hagel (2004)

“Reach For The Sky”

“To Be With You”

“We’re Meant To Be”


from the Don Griffith and Nathan Renner album The Bridge Between Us (2003)

“Whits End”



From the self-titled BoycottScott album (2005)

“See Through”

From the Eric Proffitt album Hold On (2006)





from the Krystaal album Keep On Standing (2001)

“Stop The Fight”


remixes from the Nicol Lischka album Leaving For Omaha (2001)

“Green Roman Shade-remix”

“The Easy Chair-remix”


“Girltalk theatrical commercial – SGI”

“Traffic-30s radio spot for Salon Hush”

Accepted formats – Wav, Aif, Flac, Ogg (q10 or 320kbs), mp3 (quality best or 320kbs), Wavpack

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