Audio Post Production

Designed, clean, edited and matched to picture.

Pricing Estimates:
$40 CAD per 30 seconds to create a broadcast ready mix when all elements including sfx, dialog and music already exist.
$80 CAD per 30 seconds for surround and spatial audio formats.

$350 CAD per 30 seconds to create a full sound design and broadcast ready mix when dialog and music elements already exist.

Contact me for a quote and availability.




Lunar Racer is a mobile game release from the fantastic noodlecake studios which I did the sound effects design for.

Lunar Racer Release Announcement


Shadow Puppets is a feature length film on which I was the dialog editor


The Side Show Christmas is a 44 minute television special on which I was the sound effects, foley and dialog editor and re-recording mixer.

Wapos Bay is a claymation episodic series for television. I had the privilege of working as sound effects and foley editor for season 1 through 4. I also edited the dialog for season 1 through 3.


Mad Cow Sacred Cow is a documentary on which I served as sound and dialog editor.