The Dutch review, translated at last!


Special thanks to Angela and Stephanie for making the translation happen. I think I want to learn some Dutch as the construction of the language seems (in translation) to be quite wild and fantastic.

Daryl Pierce comes from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. This is a place that is too beautiful not to mention in the beginning of this cd review. Together with his brothers Mike and Kevin, guitarist Kimbal Siebert and drummer Joseph Ashong, he has been in a music band under his name for a few years. You can place them in the same catagory as names like Paul Simon, Sting and XTC. In their opinion they’ve hit the jackpot with a few idols from the pop industry like The Police, Muse, Daniel Lanois and Massive Attack.

Daryl Pierce himself plays the upright bass, the synthesizer and, in eleven songs, he proves his talent on this first nameless cd. His voice is soul flavour and the music, created from modern pop with acoustic instruments and some electronic computer sounds, together make a complete sound. The complete sound is also partly because of the fabulous arrangements of the songs on the album.

Songs like the upbeat opener “Objectify” and “Blanket” are perfect for airplay on the popular radio stations. “Fame”, “Iceberg”, “Expatriate” and “Conviction” are a little bit more experimental, have more samples and ethereal sounds. And if we can select our favourite song of the album, we would choose for “Innocence”, which is sung in a very laid back fashion with minimal musical support. In this song I hear mostly the orchestra like the way Daniel Lanois does it with his songs. Also the instrumental “Watering Hole” deserves a honorable mention because of the atmosphere that it creates and for its character.

Daryl Pierce gets inspiration for the lyrics from things that happen to him in daily life; for example, his love life and what happens to him in his direct environment. This debut cd is recorded a few years ago and is internally released at this moment. We wish Daryl Pierce all the success that he is dreaming of and waiting for for a long time.

  • February 25, 2008