One of those headphone bands


When I was young I would lay on the living room floor with a CD player and a set of headphones. I would shut my eyes and listen to the entire CD. It’s like having a profound little conversation between the music and your brain. Anyone who has listened to the very, bitter, bitter end of “Soul Cages” will know what I mean. There are ideas, constructed and inspired that are built into these recordings we listen to. I suppose it’s no wonder that when I put my hand to producing music this experience is a driving force in what I try to accomplish. Yes, I am one of those headphone bands. Please take some time in the next day to just do nothing but listen to an entire piece of music (album, concert, whatever) on the best playback system you can find. The experience is good for the part of you that needs to experience something good.

One caution, some recordings today are designed to be insanely loud. If you find yourself wanting to switch off the music because of a confused or anxious feeling then pick something else and try again, the loudness is probably why.


  • February 5, 2008
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