One degree from the seat of power!


Last week my wife achieved the monumental when she became relationally one degree separated from Oprah. Now that sentence sets up a back-story and here it is!

Many years ago Valancie tutored a young girl named Ellen Page while she was acting in a show that was called ‘’ at the time. This was in the fresh-faced and wide-eyed days when anything dot com was the peak of internet savvy. That show went on to become the moderate YTV success that we glimpse periodically as ‘I Downloaded A Ghost’. Ellen has gone on to star in the follow up movie to ‘Superbad’ called ‘Supergood’….I mean ‘Juno’ and as a result was interviewed on Oprah last week.

I also met Ellen briefly a few times during the filming of the ghost movie but I’m much more excited about the vast number of ‘Arrested Development’ cast members that I am now one degree of separation from, okay two degrees (I do mean briefly).

  • January 23, 2008