Thank You Jesse


So I’m unscrewing the hinges of a screen door to a house on Beacon Hill in Seattle and pondering the life of a touring musician. I’m removing the screen door because we’ve agreed that it’s safer during the house party with lots of people coming and going. I’m thinking that the one thing I’ve noted is that a small gig that allows me to make a personal connection with the performance is no less gratifying than a large gig that pushes a little harder on the eardrums. During our time on the West coast we managed to play an art gallery, a pizza parlor, a book store/cafe and an honest to goodness club, met some great people and experienced some really unique communities. I wrote in one of my artist biographies that “Unique (music) comes from life lived in someone else’s ordinary” (I really need to get someone else to write those biographies). The point is that Kevin and I really appreciate the unique experience of meeting all of you great Seattle and Portland dwellers. I will end as I began by thanking Jesse Perrell who really made it all possible with his hard work. Visit, see some compelling art, buy a CD and support him in the worthy vision he is attempting to realize.

  • November 16, 2007