Under the watchful eye of the Space Needle


How about some news from the guys from Canadia (our new title). The Christoff Gallery was quite excellent as we played along side Alyse Black and J- on Saturday and ran into Deep Sleep Narcotics Co. who were showing some of their videos there on Friday night. You can see those same videos at the bottom of their page. We will be playing with these cool, extremely nice people on Thursday night at the Skylark Cafe.
On Sunday Night we played in Portland with Andrea Wittgens and Central Services to a rather tiny crowd consisting mostly of Andrea Wittgens and Central Services although there were some other nice and appreciative listeners, many thanks for your support during the show. This all reminds me there is a youtube video you need to see. While back at the Christoff on Friday we saw another video that was made by Captain Vintastic called “She’s a Dog” that made us laugh quite heartily. It could be taken as having lots of double entendre or just as a funny song about dogs and costumes, you probably know by now we went with the former.

Captain Vintastic turned out to be one of the band members for Andrea Wittgens and Central Services. I know that story sounds a little bit like one a high-school cheerleader might tell but I guess that’s what stress and sleep deprivation will do.

  • November 6, 2007
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