Embraced by the big white apple


If you went to the itunes music store and searched for ‘Daryl Pierce’ two weeks ago you wouldn’t have found it but, thanks to CD Baby now you will. In fact the album is popping up all over the place under their good graces including Napster and PayPlay.fm which has a free digital download of ‘StayAwhile’.

Many new things are happening in my little circle of musical influence. I will stretch these various new items out into several posts here for added dramatic effect but I’ll start with a few little stingers. A surround mix of a brand new tune is coming soon, performance announcements in hitherto unprecedented numbers along with a bunch of new (normal stereo) song releases.

By the way, my good friend Boycott Scott is kicking my @$$ in myspace visits (see post 27) so if you could see your way to stopping by my page oh, say every hour on the hour that would be appreciated.

  • October 5, 2007