I’m a Myspace thousandaire!


As the latest in a long history of celebrating life’s little triumphs I would like to announce my ascendancy to the count of one thousand visits to the Daryl Pierce Myspace page. Woohoo, only one thousand two hundred and twenty-four to catch up to my buddy Boycott Scott. Actually make that a twenty-five since I had to visit his site to find that out. Please be sure to visit my site as well as his to make sure it’s a fair competition.

The funny thing is one thousand visits is really a pathetically low number by Myspace standards. If I could convince a few people to visit my site regularly and to encourage others they encounter to do the same, not for the purpose of listening to anything but just so that there could be a Myspace millionaire post a couple months from now, then we would be part of a truly creative, global village exercise. Each participant would receive a little bit of satisfaction from screwing with things from the outside. Of course my obscure little blog and the music that goes along with it would benefit from massively increased traffic and such……but then again, I’m the Myspace thousandaire!

  • June 6, 2007