I was just looking at how long a ago my last post was and it coincides almost exactly with a rather large job that I was working on. Well now I’m done so it’s time to post again. For those of you that have spoken with me about said job I have been frustratingly coy about the whole thing because of certain legal restrictions BUT as soon as the thing (which will remain nameless until it) is released I’m planning to have a fun little party at which all of you, that can make it can check out my work. I’ll post back here with more details once these events are underway.

Also of note, two new songs of mine are posted on my site and on myspace where you will also find a demo of a third tune. Check back often as there will be more new songs up in the near future. I’m also offering the two new songs for purchase as a digital download (mp3 with no DRM) from a site called MusicFreedom .

Thanks to all who are still checking this blog occasionally. I will be justifying your hitherto baseless loyalty in the coming days.

  • March 8, 2007
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