Drowning in Dialogue


The relationship betwixt creative fulfillment and the need to make money is a complex one that creates the haggard look in the eyes of every artist you’ll meet. It’s either that or the 41 hour work days. In general, artistically talented people are famously bad at sticking up for their collective rights and as a result when they/we/I do get around to working regular type jobs the situation deteriorates rapidly into mind numbing productivity with no breaks.

The secret to my other life is that I’m actually quite a good audio editor and mixer in the engineering and technical sense (there’s actually a whole other side to this website to establish that fact). This odd skill has got me working on a motion picture which will be known for the present as ‘marionettes with silhouettes’. As this work tends to crowd out thoughts of even the baser instincts such as food and sleep, my blog frequency has suffered. Many apologies.

On the musical and positive side my music can now be purchased online (mp3 downloads) at musicfreedom.com.

  • April 14, 2006
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