Empty Lot theory


My perception of the music buisness is changing rapidly these days. It’s become an empty lot of ideas. Before explaining that I need to establish some background.

It used to be that the radio DJ was the gatekeeper of quality, playing what they felt was quality, stylish, cool. As profits rose record labels took over this job and did fairly well at it for quite a while. At some point in the 90s they figured out that the majority of people would buy an entire CD on the basis of 1 radio hit. The concept of the single had all but died out and listening stations were….yet to be invented??? Price-fixing were the words whispered on the wind lest we forget where the industry was coming from.

The internet started to occur to the rest of us round about that time and along with it a new DJ-less, advertising optional distribution network came into being. Music listeners and lovers everywhere entered into this new system like a farmer walking up out of a root celler into a wide open field. There was and is a lot of squinting going on as we get used to the changes.

So music has become an empty lot of ideas. A vast and empty place with so much of something that it’s flat, levelled off and people walk right over it without experiencing anything. I won’t trouble you with references to potential or *shudder* burried treasure because I’m about to ask all who read this to wade into the cliche, idol-wannabe, outernet techno and find some sound that you like. The only thing cooler than an artist who lives on a tv screen in front of your favourite shampoo is one who lives like you and makes both you and them enjoy it more.

Lastly, please rate based on what you like listening to when browsing music as opposed to just giving a blind and lazy A-for effort. It helps to add some terrain and interest to this free space we find ourselves in.

  • March 22, 2006