Take the A(nywhere) train.


I’m a big fan of rail transportation, whether that be subway, light-rapid-transit, passenger train or a rail gun into outer space. It’s too bad that many of these possibilities are declining in my part of the world. Everything happens slowly on a train. It’s more than just novelly cool to be travelling in the same direction as a whole bunch of other people. There’s a cohesion that happens that is unlike a freeway and deeper than brief and sometimes terrifying air travel. It’s like the feeling of mild betrayal and final justice one gets when a loud drunk gets hauled off ones train in Sacremento. Why was he rummaging my overhead luggage earlier anyways? On an airplane the whole affair would have been shrouded in mystery since landing at any spot other than the destination may cause panic but the train stops all of the time. One more stop and a few highway patrolmen on board just makes for more interesting dream plots.

waiting for the trip to continue

  • March 16, 2006