I’m not worried at all.


Something has gotten under my skin as of late. It seems that the media distribution establishment (RIAA and MPAA…possibly a few other AAs) have put their collective wills together and decided to protect the poor artists who depend on their shield of love and goodwill to survive. They have determined to plug something they like to call the ‘Analog Hole’, we’ll abreviate that down to A-Hole for now and define it as that space between the speakers and your ears when you’re listening to music and that space between the television screen and your eyes when you’re watching TV. The problem with the A-Hole is that it is a very vulnerable place, a space in which a microphone can be placed or even worse a video camera which in turn can duplicate the experience you are having in an unauthorized fashion.

The plan is to place a watermark into the audio, movies and TV being brought into your house. This watermark is an invisible chunk of code that is intended to block off the A-Hole when the recording device senses it, actually the device you currently use to copy your experience now will go on working as expected. The intention is that you will buy a new camera or microphone, one that offers the new and special feature of not being able to record things. I wish they had that feature when I bought my last microphone! Rumour has it that the next project on the books for RIAA and MPAA is to reduce the speed of electricity thus making even high speed internet bandwidth insufficient to share large media files.

I hope we all enjoy the freedom of use we have with our entertainment right now because soon it might be gone. And if you really enjoy something find a way to financially thank the person(s) who created it.

  • March 9, 2006
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