Accounting for my space


In the interests of bolstering that elusive yet all-important on-line presence I recently signed myself up as an artist on MySpace. It amazes me what a simple inde band based website can become. It’s more complicated (and I mean ‘after much serious thought’ complicated) to even figure out how to get to the page to sign up as an artist account as opposed to a hanginout chatinwithmafriends account. Just searching around the site and reading the vernacular I can see that I’m in for a world of hurt if I try speaking to anyone.

Another bad habit I’ve gotten into is googling my name to see how I’m doing with my elusive on-line presence. In doing this I learn that I’ve clinched the #1 spot for my name and that there are a few interesting dopplegangers out there for me. Among the interesting ones is a Christian radio DJ who recovered from something or other and a successful college level ice-hockey defenseman. That was the position I played back when I did. And if you search down a couple of pages it appears that this defenseman got his start in the Saskatchewan Junior League. If he weren’t 6’1″ and 220 lbs this concidence might explain why I wake up feeling so tired some mornings.

  • February 27, 2006
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