What can I do for you?


It has come to my attention that a (slightly pressure-fractured) copy of ‘Daryl Pierce’ is on sale for bargain basement prices on ebay. This is at once flattering and disturbing since someone out there thinks that this commodity is a possible reseller and yet obviously not of much personal interest to them. The fact is it’s likely from one of the many discs that every Inde artist should, and usually does send out to every college, community and independant station that should (are you listening CFCR) play interesting music. I’m sure we could easily fill up a lesser portion of the space between here and the moon with all of the ignored magneto-optical coasters sent off as free and promotional copies.

At any rate the selling price is cheap and it looks to be the genuine artical so if someone’s been on the fence about buying a copy, by all means go ahead and snatch it up.

  • February 23, 2006